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The Highest Internet Speed in the World

Internet has been one of the essential resource in this technological world. Users are expecting internet consistently with high speed. As the technology improves, the network operator are trying to give high speed internet to their users to carry out their work smoothly. So far 178Tbps is the highest internet speed achieved last year by the researchers. But now 319Tbps has been achieved by the Japan researchers which lasts for 3001 km. It doesn't make sense but it is true. Let's see what technology did they use to achieve this.  Also Read: Starlink Satellite Viewing

Handball : 2nd Fastest Game in the World


                Sports is physical meet that persist to encounter their goals and challenges they entail.It is a mandatory event in everyone's life which makes us fit and also helps in overall growth and personality.Rather than education,sports teach us about discipline,helping mind,decoration etc.It teaches you to face different kinds of challenges that will help you to deal what you experience in your life.Other than monetization,it brings you more respect and supports from others for just being a sportsman.There are lots of sport event in this world,but in this article we are going see about a specific game which is said to be the world's second fastest game.It lies behind of Ice Hockey(World's fastest game) but still unlike other games and events this game is unrecognized by many of the Asian countries including India.This article was made on for the recognition of world's second fastest game i.e Handball.


            So where did it all begin?Throughout the history there were a huge amount of references to ball sports played with hands.However there are three main games that were the forebearers of modern handball. Rasmus Nicolaj Ernst and Holger Nielsen,two Danish teachers started playing a ball sport with their hands.Nielsen drew up rules for a sport called Handball in 1898 and published them in 1906.And in 1907,the two schools met for the first registered handball match.It ended 21:0.Meanwhile Hazena (Czech Handball) was developed in 1905 and is still played today.Handball and Hazena was both played on a 45*30 with two teams of seven.The difference between them is just the size of the goal and goal area.In 1920 Karl Schelenz framed and developed the modern Handball rules and thus he is famously called as Father of Modern Handball.Handball was recognized as a sport in 1920 mainly due to the efforts of Carl Diem.However the game began to played with 11 aside instead of 7 due to the influence of football..From the 1930 to the 1960 s the game developed in two formats i.e indoor and outdoor,but the only difference is that,in indoor 7 aside team but in outdoor with extra 4 it includes 11 players aside.

Rasmus Nicolaj Ernst who first started playing ball using hands.

The 1st International game for men were played between Germany and Belgium in 1925 and for women were Germany and Austria in 1930. The sports had its men's first international debut in Olympics in 1936,Berlin (Outdoor Format).After 1952 the indoor format took over the outdoor format.The prevalence let ultimately to the disappearance of outdoor handball.The last outdoor handball was played in Austria in 1966.Indoor handball returned to Olympics in 1972,from where it has remained ever since and now it is said to be the world's second fastest game.

Game play of Handball  :

                       Handball,is a game mixture of basketball,football and ice hockey.Handball is played with two teams of 14,with 7 players taking to the court at any one time.This includes one goal keeper and 6 field players.The objective of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team.To score a goal, a player must throw the ball into the goal.These goals at 3m wide * 2m high.The ball must completely cross the goal line and the shooting player must not step into the crease for a goal to count.The goal crease is a 6m radius around the goal,and the free throw line is a 9m radius.The game starts by the team that wins the  coin toss with a throw off.

Handball court with its measurements and name of all the lines were represented.

                      Once a team has possession of the ball,a player must not hold onto it for more than three seconds,nor must a player take any more than three steps.Failed to do this result in a free throw being awarded to the opposing team.You can pass the ball directly between teammates,or dribble the ball like in basketball,where you bounce the ball up and down repeatedly whilst in motion.Players must make a conscious effort to move the ball up the court and try to score. If the referee decides that the team is making no attempt to shoot,this is known as "Passive Play" and the ball is awarded to the other team.The opposing team will try and stop you by blocking the ball with their hands and arms,making frontal body contact, and forming walls with other team mates to force errors from the attacking team.

                     A defender has to be careful here,as they cannot pull the ball out of the attacking players hands,nor can they push or jump into them.Any of these infractions results in a free throw being awarded to the other team.The game is played in 2*30 minutes halves,for a total playing time of 60 minutes.Highest score at the end of time wins.If the game ends in a tie,up to 2*5 minutes overtime periods are played to determine the winner,If the game is still tied after two overtime periods,it goes to a penalty shootout just like football.

Position of the 6 field players in Handball i.e Winger,Center and Backer

Rules Of Handball:

Image of complete details about court,size of the ball and skills of Handball

Handball is an easy sport to understand,but there's a few other things you'll need to know before you play or watch a game.

Goal Crease:

        The goal crease (or goal area) is the exclusive domain of the goalkeeper.All the players have to be aware that only the goalkeeper is allowed in the goal crease.If an attacking player steps into the goal crease and scores a goal,the goal is disallowed.If a defending player steps into the goal crease to stop someone,a 7 metre throw is awarded to the attacking team.

Seven Metre Throw:

         This is an equivalent to the penalty kick in football.If a defender steps into the goal crease to prevent someone shooting,or has prevented a legitimate chance to score,a 7 metre throw is awarded.A player lines up at the 7 metre line and gets to shoot once against the goalkeeper.All shots that go into the goal counts.

Dribble Fault:

          Just like the double dribble violation in basketball,a player cannot the dribble the ball,stop and the proceed dribble again.In Handball this is known as a dribble fault,and possession of the ball is awarded to the opposite team.

Progressive Punishment:

          Just like in football,if you start committing fouls,you will firstly be warned with a yellow card.If you proceed to foul again,you are handed a two minute suspension from the game like in ice hockey.A third foul draws another two minutes suspension and if you foul for a fourth time,you are shown a red card and you ejected from the game.You can also be shown a straight red card for serious offences.


    There are unlimited substitutions in Handball,and all substitutes must cross over on the substitution line.

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