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What is Gravitational Force and Einstein's General Relativity Theory

   Gravitational Force :

         Every object in the nature attracts every other object with a force,which is called the force of gravitation or gravitational force.Gravitational force is a naturally occurring force which is one of the weakest and conservative force existing on this Earth.Let me ask you a question,who actually discovered the gravitational force🤔.If anyone ask this question ,we suddenly remember about the apple,yes apple falls on Newton's head.We would have learned about this in the school.There is a story behind this discovery.But my question is from where does this force propagates,I mean the source of force.How does this force occurs naturally.Does Newton's Law Of Gravitation answer these questions?No,recently scientists had declared Newton's Law is wrong about gravity after several researches.Then the answer to this...There is, Einstein's General Relativity Theory explains it in detail and before we look,let us know what  Law Of Gravitation(Newton's) is and for what reason scientists declared Newton's law wrong.

                                                 Apple falling on Newton's head.Circumstance that leads to discover the gravitational force

Newton's Law Of Gravitation :

        It states:

              Gravitational force is a attractive between two masses m1 and m2 separated by a distance r.The gravitational force acting between two point objects is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them i.e;

Gravitational Force,  
                          F= Gm1m2   ,where G is universal
                                    r^2        gravitational constant

The value of G is 6.67 * 10^-11 Nm^2kg^-2 and is same throughout the universe

The value G is independent of the nature and the size of the bodies as well as the nature of the medium between them.

Reason for Law Of Gravitation Is Wrong:

                 When the University Of California engaged in the research of star known as SO-2 which makes three dimensional orbit completely around the supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way Galaxy,they found that Newton's Law of Gravitation gives a false result on their research.Then again when they tried using Einstein's general relativity theory ,it replies them with a believable results.Thus the researchers concluded that Newton's Law of Gravitation is wrong as it is said that the law is same throughout the universe but failed to pursue it.In an interview Andrea Ghez, a professor from the University of California claims that"Einstein is right for now and we can rule out Newton's Law Of Gravity.Einstein's General Relativity Theory is compatible with our observations".Further he added "Newton's Law of Gravitation is showing vulnerable and the law of physics including gravity should be valid throughout the universe but it failed to explain about gravity inside the black hole.But Einstein's General Relativity Theory explains what a black hole is and how gravity occurs inside the black hole.And Einstein's theory is the best description how gravity works."

Einstein's General Relativity Theory:

                        The starting point of relativity theory is in 1905 which he named as special relativity theory.According to special relativity theory he proved that mass and energy are interchangeable.Later after a decade he developed his special relativity theory and named his theory as general relativity theory.Einstein's General relativity of theory describes the geometry of space and revolutionized the way we think gravitational force.For centuries we thought the universe obeyed Euclidian Geometry(Kind of high school geometry class eg: Parallel Lines never intersect).

Image about Eucilidian geometry.

With general relativity Einstein showed that this is not the case.Just way we can distort the shapes drawn on the piece of paper by bending the paper,space itself is distorted or bent around massive objects.That is to say just the way that bending a piece of paper results in a two dimensional plane becoming wrapped around a third spatial dimension,the three spatial dimensions of space are wrapped around a fourth spatial dimensions,according to the distribution of matter in the universe as mass is the property that causes space to bend in this way.
Image of tow spatial and three spatial dimensions curving around three and forth dimensions respectively.          Space warps massive objects

This is physically impossible to visualize.Our brains can only comprehend three spatial dimensions but when we do analogy,like the bending of the piece of paper,and understand that space does the same thing.But it is impossible to depict the four spatial dimensions.These conclusions describe the universe as non-Euclidian. Parallel lines can indeed cross if they move through curve space-time.

Analogy what space time does
Einstein derived his theory in an attempt to expand special relativity,which applies only to inertial frames(non acceleration),but it include all reference frame which is why it is called general relativity.General Relativity is a big improvement on Newton's Law of Gravitation in terms of a satisfactory theory of gravity.Newton outlined the aspects of gravitational force but he didn't know exactly what gravity is and how it propagates.But Einstein proved through his general relativity theory.Just imagine the warping (become bent) of space deflects the path of other objects,for example,a massive ball pressing down on a membrane.

           Massive ball pressing down on a membrane.the warping (become bent) of ball deflects the path of other objects                   the warping (become bent) of space deflects the path of other objects

This creature creates what we know of as gravity,being that massive objects tend to fall towards more massive objects,and this explain the orbits of the planets around the sun,as well as the falling of objects towards Earth.Space and time are not separate,they comprise the spacetime fabric.Space-time tells matter how to move and matter tells spacetime how to curve.
Hope this article helps you to know about gravity and its propagation.

Other theory depicted by Einstein will be update soon in this website...

                Theory Of Relativity

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