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The Highest Internet Speed in the World

Internet has been one of the essential resource in this technological world. Users are expecting internet consistently with high speed. As the technology improves, the network operator are trying to give high speed internet to their users to carry out their work smoothly. So far 178Tbps is the highest internet speed achieved last year by the researchers. But now 319Tbps has been achieved by the Japan researchers which lasts for 3001 km. It doesn't make sense but it is true. Let's see what technology did they use to achieve this.  Also Read: Starlink Satellite Viewing

First Covid-19 Vaccination

Russia registered the first covid-19 vaccination.

Image of corona vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the world's first Covid-19 vaccine is ready and his daughter has been vaccinated.The world suffers from the grip of the corona. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he is ready to introduce the corona vaccine, which sent good news to the people.

The vaccine was administered on June 18 to 38 volunteers, including soldiers.Russia ranks 4th in the world in the list of countries most affected by corona. About 9 lakh people have been affected here. Russia has been busy finding a vaccine since its inception. The vaccine was developed jointly by the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Gamaleya Research Institute.

                                   Scientist on a research of finding vaccine for covid-19

The Russian health ministry said they were making good progress and that the two groups had been tested separately and had succeeded. Teachers and doctors are set to test the corona vaccine, which Russia has discovered this month.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia's Ministry of Health has approved the world's first Covid-19 vaccine developed by Moscow's Gamaleya Institute.The approval comes less than two months after the start of clinical trials in humans. Although the final stages of clinical trials to test safety and efficacy are ongoing, this approval provides an opportunity to prepare for mass use.

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Image of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Speaking at a state meeting on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the country-made corona virus vaccine had been registered for use and that one of his daughters had already been vaccinated.He also said that the vaccine has been shown to be very effective during tests and that it provides lasting immunity to protect against the corona virus.

Putin confirmed that the vaccine had undergone the necessary tests. Putin said one of his two daughters had been vaccinated and was in good health.

Although Russia's speed is a testament to its determination to win the vaccine race, does the country prioritize the nation's honor over the safety of science and the people? The question and concern is rising in the minds of the people.

Russia is the first country to register a corona virus vaccine. However, many scientists within Russia and abroad have raised doubts about this. Thousands of people in general have been involved and have questioned the decision to register for the vaccine before the three-phase trials, which last several months.

All this aside, multinational pharmaceutical companies also have warned of the risk of registering the vaccine without being able to fully clinically test it. Similarly, the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked Russia to carry out vaccination tests in full compliance with the protocol. It also warns of the dangers of administering the vaccine to people who are unable to complete the click-through test.

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