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The Highest Internet Speed in the World

Internet has been one of the essential resource in this technological world. Users are expecting internet consistently with high speed. As the technology improves, the network operator are trying to give high speed internet to their users to carry out their work smoothly. So far 178Tbps is the highest internet speed achieved last year by the researchers. But now 319Tbps has been achieved by the Japan researchers which lasts for 3001 km. It doesn't make sense but it is true. Let's see what technology did they use to achieve this.  Also Read: Starlink Satellite Viewing

Optical Fibre Cable Between Chennai and Andaman

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the optical fiber cable link between Chennai and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands via video conferencing at 10.30 am on Monday. The project was prepared on a budget of Rs 1224 crore. In a video conference on Sunday, he described the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as soon to become a "sea and start-up hub" and highlighted about his government's initiatives.

The reason for the initiation of this project was when he visited the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2018, people complained about the lack of internet connectivity and other shortcomings they faced with the technology.

PM Modi's tweet about the inauguration of optical fibre cables

Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for this project on December 30,2018 in Port Blair. According to the plan, a cable will be laid at a distance of about 2300 km between land-based stations to transmit telecommunication signals at sea and offshore.

Inauguration of submarine optical fiber cable in Andaman and Nicobar Islands ensures :

*High speed broadband connection.

*Fast and reliable mobile and landline telecommunication services.

*Great boost to the local economy.

*Provision of e-personality, telemedicine and tele-education.

         PM Modi's tweet about the advantages of optical fibres connection between Chennai and Andaman Nicobar Islands

With the completion of the works, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the new cable project through video conference yesterday and dedicated it to the nation. He then said that internet facility was essential for the 'Digital India' project.

 To this end, the central government is committed to providing internet access to all corners of the country. Only then will the fields of online education, telemedicine, banking, online business, and tourism grow.

Basic infrastructure is being upgraded in the border areas of the country. The internal structure and security of coastal areas in particular are increasing. In that way, road facilities are being improved in the northern and central parts of the Andamans. 

Port Blair Airport has been expanded to handle 1,200 passengers. The sea landing service under the Uthan project is set to launch soon in the Andamans.

A new port worth Rs 10,000 crore is planned to be built on Greater Nicobar Islands. This will increase India's trade with East Asian countries. Lots of young people will get job opportunities. The Prime Minister spoke as described in the press release.

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