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The Highest Internet Speed in the World

Internet has been one of the essential resource in this technological world. Users are expecting internet consistently with high speed. As the technology improves, the network operator are trying to give high speed internet to their users to carry out their work smoothly. So far 178Tbps is the highest internet speed achieved last year by the researchers. But now 319Tbps has been achieved by the Japan researchers which lasts for 3001 km. It doesn't make sense but it is true. Let's see what technology did they use to achieve this.  Also Read: Starlink Satellite Viewing

Jio New Plans

Reliance Industries has been playing an important role in the Indian economy for past few years. And their new investments in the coming years may not only increase their profit but also makes India as a finest country in the world. Their green energy investment make India as a large exporter of fuel cells and power. Reliance Industries seems to be the pioneer of green energy evolution in a world of mass production. In this article let us see what are the new plans are being implemented by Reliance Industries Limited and how will it help India to be an large exporter and finest country.

In their recent 44th AGM( Annual General Meeting), Mukesh Ambani has announced some of his company's investment in the coming year. He made announcements across green energy evolution, telecom enhancements, oil to chemical(O2C) business, education and sports developments. Lets see each and every investment of Reliance Industries one by one in detail.

1) Gigafactory (Green Energy) :

Initially the term giga factory was coined by Tesla chief Mr. Elon Musk in around 2013 when he was building the factory to manufacture batteries for tesla cars. Giga factory signifies the factory that is capable of end to end productions of thousand giga watts of energy. To start up this giga factory Reliance Group is going to invest 75000 crores in the next three years.  

4 Giga Factories of Reliance group
Giga Factories


        * Production of solar energy.

        * Aim to achieve lowest cost solar modules in the world(using raw silicon).

        * Produce 100GW out of India's 450 GW by 2030.                          

        * Rapid transition to green, clean and renewable energy.

        * Increase energy production while reducing carbon emission.

        * Meet India's growing energy needs through domestic sources.

        * India to play an important role in global energy system.



       Storage of intermittent energy.
        * Exploring new and advanced electro chemical technologies to store large amount                                     of energy.
        * Collaborate with global leaders in designing an efficient battery.

        * Highest reliability for round the clock power.



          * Production of green hydrogen by electrolysis of water.

          * Modular electrolyser with highest efficiency and lowest cost.

          * Captive production of green hydrogen.

          * Domestic use as well as for global use.


          * Converting hydrogen into mobile and stationary power.
          * Uses oxygen and hydrogen from air and emits water vapour as by product.

          * Will progressively replace internal combustion engines.

          * Can fuel automobiles, trucks, and buses and large automobile machines.          

2) Telecom Enhancements:

The major announcement included the launch of Jio Phone Next which is the first 4G smartphone is to be release by Jio with the collaboration of Google. This initiative is to eradicate 2G users in India. As there are more than 40 crore people using 2G Mukesh Ambani promised that Jio Phone Next will be the most affordable phone not only in India throughout the world. The specification of Jio Phone Next has not been released officially but it is said to be release on 10th September.

Image of Jio Phone Next
Jio Phone Next 

We all know that Jio is currently testing 5G services with Intel and Mukesh Ambani had confirmed that in testing Jio has achieved 1Gbps speed. The components used were all made in India is known to be a welcoming one. Soon 5G services will be rollout by Jio next year and ready to experience 5G.

Jio Fiber is said to be the largest and the fastest growing broadband operator in India. He promised that Jio Fiber will rollout throughout India by this year.

3) Jio University:

Mrs.Nita Ambani announced that the commencement of Jio University is to be from this year. And scholarship for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science will be given by Reliance Group. This initiative will help students to get placements in Reliance group itself. So far, Jio has been bringing in-house experts for a variety of disciplines with renowned global educational institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Stanford University and Nanyang Technological University. 

In its first academic year, Jio University proposes to launch projects in artificial intelligence, data science and digital media and integrated marketing communication for undergraduates. Mulhorn is said to be introducing the marketing communication course at Northwestern University and Jio's chief data scientist will conduct AI-related courses. The Jio University of the Reliance Foundation is one of the six colleges selected as educational institutions - which will ensure complete autonomy and help build an identity in the global rankings.


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