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The Highest Internet Speed in the World


Internet has been one of the essential resource in this technological world. Users are expecting internet consistently with high speed. As the technology improves, the network operator are trying to give high speed internet to their users to carry out their work smoothly. So far 178Tbps is the highest internet speed achieved last year by the researchers. But now 319Tbps has been achieved by the Japan researchers which lasts for 3001 km. It doesn't make sense but it is true. Let's see what technology did they use to achieve this. 

Highest Internet Speed In The World:

Researchers in Japan has broken the record of fastest internet speed, achieving internet speed of about 319Tbps for 3001 km. Benjamin J. Putnam-led team successfully completed the first S, C and L-band transmission over long distances via 4-core optical fiber, with a fixed diameter of 0.125 mm. They said it made it possible for them to adopt both Erbium and Thulium top-fiber amplifiers and distributed Raman amplifiers. 

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       Optical Fiber

We cannot emphasize how fast this transfer speed is. This is double the previous record of 178 Tb / s set in 2020. It is also seven times faster than the previous record of 44.2 Tb / s set with the previous photonic chip. NASA itself uses at a relatively fast speed of 400 GB / s, and the new record is much higher than that used by the average consumer (most of them go out at 10 GB / s for home Internet connections).

The teams said they have developed a transmission system with the capability to make full use of the wavelength division multiplexing technology. They combined different amplifier technologies and achieved a transfer demonstration with a data rate of 319Tbps. In addition, they got their name recorded in the history books for producing 957 petabits per second x km, a world record for optical fibers with a fixed outer diameter.

                        DSL cable

“NICT and research teams around the world have begun to study the S-band transmission, which has led to many new recordings of transmission capability in optical fibers, but the transmission distance is limited to a few tens of kilometers,” they said. Demonstration of world record: Over 319Tbps transmission over 3,001 km with 4-core fiber, the researchers used  C and L-bands in general for the high-data-rate and long-haul transmission, as well as the band S-band transmission bandwidth, which was unused beyond the single-span transmission.

4-core optical fiber, with a fixed casing diameter, can be cabled with existing equipment, and it is hoped that this will soon enable practical high-data transfer. The new research will also contribute to the realization of the backbone communication system, which is essential for spreading new communication services beyond 5G.Furthermore, the researchers said they would continue to develop wide-band, long-distance transmission systems and explore how they could enhance the transmission capacity of low-core multi-core fibers and other novel SDM fibers. Not only that, but they are also committed to extending the transmission range to trans-oceanic distances.

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